Mars Hill – 3/22/2012 – Guest Beth Purkhiser – Atheist

Mars Hill Radio Broadcast: 3/22/2012

My guest tonight was Beth Purkhiser.  She is an accomplished musician and an articulate atheist

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My apologies to Beth.  My recording software was cutting her off after 15 minutes which caused her to lose her train of thought.  I rectified that problem in my interview with Mark Lowe.  I also apologize for not being fully engaged in the conversation.  I was too concerned about the recording equipment and watching the time.  It made me sound disengaged and not interested.  I only realized that after a friend pointed it out to me.

Show Notes from Jeff:   R. Edwin Sherman, bible code researcher, founder of the Isaac Newton Bible Research Society (, and the author of two books; Bible Code Bombshell and Buddha and Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link?

Show Notes from Beth:  Here is the list of FB pages that I admin and are related to atheism – the last three are part of the “Exposing Religion Network” which was developed by other people – I just participate as an admin, which means I throw content on there and try to keep things respectful:


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