Mars Hill – 08/23/2012 – Guest – Julius Cstonyi – Atheist

Mars Hill Radio Broadcast: 08/23/2012

My guest tonight was Julius Csotonyi. He’s a freelance paleoartist working with various museums to reconstruct life-sized murals of various prehistoric animals and ecosystems based on his study of the fossil record. His work is viewable in the Royal Ontario Museum’s exhibit “Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana”, the new Hall of Paleontology at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the new Dinosaur Hall at the L.A. County Museum of Natural History, and many others, such as the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology.

He also has a scientific background with a M.Sc. in Ecology and Environmental Biology and a PhD in microbiology. He’s performed research in biological sciences for 14 years. He’s also a published author in various scientific journals. He did start out as a fundamentalist young-earth creationist, but over time changed his position to an agnostic-atheist.


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This is a follow up commentary on my interview with Julius


This is my response to Julius’ request that I refrain from using the Bible, my faith and believes when I talk about science issues.


Jeff’s Show Notes:

My comments and the article mentioned about Dr Colin Patterson can be found on page 58 (ch 14 – Discussion Thread: Dr Colin Patterson quote / misquote) in the ebook:
When Layman Debate
These are the words of Dr. Colin Patterson as he spoke before a large body of evolutionists and has been confirmed by attendees and Dr. Patterson himself.


Julius Csotonyi’s Show Notes
– My personal online gallery (requires considerable update, due to having been extraordinarily busy lately, but it’ll do).
– My blog (Evolutionary Routes).
– A good search engine for original scientific research in peer-reviewed journals (clicking on “Journal Sources” on the left of the results of a search displays this original research).
– a nice concise explanation of theory, hypothesis, facts and laws in science
– Additional nice explanation of some commonly misunderstood terms in science, such as hypothesis, theory, belief versus acceptance, proof versus evidence and purpose versus function.
– Wikipedia introduction to the “HeLa” cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks that will be accessible to many readers.
– A scientific research article (requiring subscription for viewing the full piece) on evolution in Tasmanian devil facial cancer.
– Wikipedia provides an introduction to the phenomenon that is accessible to many readers:
– Recent research on the possible role of a partial gene duplication event in early human increase in intelligence.
– Here’s a pretty good popular write-up about the article, because you need a subscription to the journal to view the original paper, and this popular write-up is probably better suited to most viewers of the show:
– Some examples of speciation by the process of polyploidy (genome duplication).
– Example of a ring species, in which breeding, and therefore gene flow, is initially possible between adjacent populations, but impossible when the populations again meet after spreading around a large geographic barrier.
– Scientific article on a gene duplication event followed by mutation, responsible for evolution of altered mode of digestion in leaf-eating colobine monkeys.

“What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters”, by Donald Prothero
A really good book on evolution and the fossil record written by a prominent paleontologist, loaded with well-illustrated examples of many of the evolutionary series I mentioned near the end of the show (radiolarians, foraminifera, fish-to-tetrapods, evolutionary radiation of synapsids [often called mammal-like reptiles], land-dwelling hoofed mammals-to-whales, etc).