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History: Publications

The Evidence that Demands a Verdict 

by Josh McDowell, Nelson Publishing; ISBN 0785243631; obtain at www.josh.org

This book covers a wide range of evidences, however, it is an excellent resource on historical proof.  Josh has several other books on his web site that I highly recommend as well.  Please check those out at the above web site.

The Annals of the World

by James Ussher, Master Books; ISBN 0890513600;  obtain at www.AnswersinGenesis.com 

Written the in the 17th century, this literary classic contains  over 1,000 pages tracing the world history from creation to AD 70.  This classic work established the 6,000-year age of the earth from Biblical chronology; interweaving Biblical and secular history.

Josephus: The Complete Works

Translated by William Whiston, A.M.;  Nelson Publishing; ISBN 0785250506; obtain atwww.amazon.com

Josephus: The Essential Works

Translation and commentary by Paul L. Maier; ISBN 082543260X; obtain atwww.amazon.com

This comprehensive collection from the legendary Jewish historian takes you right into the action, setting up the historical relevance of first-century events, leaving behind substantial evidence for the authenticity of the biblical record.   Most importantly, you’ll meet the historical Jesus and view Christ’s life in a light you’ve never seen before. When you own Josephus: The Complete Works, you possess some of the very best history has to offer. (taken from back cover)

Eusebius: The Church History

Translation and commentary by Paul L. Maier;  Kregel Publications; ISBN 0825433282; obtain at www.amazon.com

Eusebius, the Bishop of Caesarea in Roman Palestine, has well been called “The Father of Church History.”  As the first Christian historian, he recorded the colorful events and personalities that characterized Christianity in its crucial first three centuries from Christ to Constantine.  Starting where the New Testament ends, Eusebius provides answers to many unanswered questions.



History: Web Sites

Josh McDowell

Founded by Josh McDowell.  Excellent resource on Christian apologetics; especially on the issue of Christ’s resurrection.  Check out his web site for a number of great publications covering many different areas on God’s infallible proofs. 


This site is maintained by G. J. Goldberg, an independent scholar  that hopes this site will help introduce people to the works of  Jewish historian, Josephus.

Also, just type in Josephus into a search engine to find others sites.  My preference is Google (www.google.com )

Koinonia House

Chuck Missler’s organization (Koinonia House).  This section touches on Archeological and Textual subjects that relate to history.  Go to www.khouse.org/articles/ to find other articles with different topics.


History: Articles

Most websites listed in the “Web Sites” section contain various articles.  We, however, wanted to provide links to that respective section or a specific article of interest.

History: Question and Answers – Multiple Articles

from Answers in Genesis Ministry

Archeology and History Attest to the Reliability of the Bible

By Richard M. Fales, Ph.D.

No other ancient book is questioned or maligned like the Bible. Critics looking for the flyspeck in the masterpiece allege that there was a long span between the time the events in the New Testament occurred and when they were recorded. They claim another gap exists archaeologically between the earliest copies made and the autographs of the New Testament. In reality, the alleged spaces and socalled gaps exist only in the minds of the critics. Manuscript Evidence.

A Chronological Map from the Creation to the Fourth Century A.D

This has been adapted from the Chrono-Genealogical Table in the Parallel Bible (1885). The dating here used is acknowledged as disputable, but primarily functions as a help in comparing the lifespans of various biblical figures, and is not meant as an authoritative guide to historical chonology

Did Joshua’s Long Day really happen?

by Dr Chuck Missler

The Mysteries Planet Mars

Who were the Magi?

by Chuck Missler

Each year, as we approach the holiday season, our preparations for Christmas include revisiting the events surrounding the birth of Our Lord. Bethlehem,1 the shepherds, and the angels are familiar to us all. But not much is generally known about the mysterious “Magi” who came to worship the infant Jesus. The following background may be helpful to stimulate conversations around the fireplace as our thoughts turn to this incredible event from which we measure our very calendar.

The Magdalen Papyrus

by Chuck Missler

In the late 19th century, Charles B. Huleatt, an Egyptologist, acquired three small fragments of papyrus that were unearthed in Upper Egypt and subsequently bequeathed them to his Alma Mater, Magdalen College, Oxford, in 1901….

The Tertullian Project

A collection of material ancient and modern about the ancient Christian Latin writer Tertullian and his writings. Tertullian lived in the ancient city of Carthage in what is now Tunisia, sometime around 200AD