Reaching others through Story

This is from a fan of the Into The East series (


On my nightstand – “You are in some pretty impressive company, at least that is coming from a very simple minded fella. For whatever it may be worth I really do appreciate your company with me via your writings down my own personal path of discovery.
Needless to say, I’m humbled by his comments.

One response to “Reaching others through Story

  1. I so appreciate this resource & value it highly..
    I am amazed at the connection between science matching scripture.
    . I am also blessed to know of the struggles persecution & martyrdom we see..
    We know times are perilous & knowing this information will bring a deeper faith than ever..
    We must be prepared to give an answer of our faith…
    ARE WE??
    Are we all prepared for that???
    I pray it is so!


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